Lunchtime Links: Deutsche and Credit Suisse won't be paying particularly large bonuses either

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It's starting to look increasingly as if bankers at Merrill Lynch were the only ones to be reasonably paid this year. Bloomberg reports that Credit Suisse is reducing bonuses by 55% after losses and that Deutsche Bank will be trimming payouts by 60% in the wake of its record loss.

Morgan Stanley cutting 1,800 jobs, not in wealth management, mostly in the back office. (Financial Times)

UBS European DCM head reincarnated at Hong Kong debt advisory firm. (Financial News)

Two more senior bankers join boutiques. (Financial News)

State Street Global advisors has hired five people. (Financial News)

Was Thain right about Merrill bonuses? (Wall Street Journal)

More rumours of truly atrocious bonuses at BofA. (Dealbreaker)

Security guards said to be stationed on BofA trading floor before bonuses announced. (Dealbreaker)

Within the oil industry, they are crying out for frontline staff, geophysicists and petroleum engineers. (The Times)

Hoodie gangs of unemployed investment bankers throwing snowballs on Primrose Hill. (Fintag)

There is no obligation to pay you if you fail to work due to snow. (Telegraph)

Keys to getting a job in an industry in the toilet. (Longorshortcapital)

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