Lunchtime Links: Bonus mega-tax dies a death

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It's all fine. Firm proposals to impose cripplingly high taxes at US banks which have taken from TARP trough appear to be quietly morphing into the mutterings of a few Congressmen. Bloomberg reports that Senate Democrats are reconsidering the tax hikes and that a 'major re-evaluation' is in progress. Obama appears to have something to do with it. So, according to New York Times blogger Floyd Norris, do banks' busy lobbyists. And so do all those self-sacrificing AIG employees who returned their bonuses for the good of the industry.

AIG executives in London have no intention of returning bonuses. (The Times)

"I can no longer effectively perform my duties in this dysfunctional environment, nor am I being paid to do so." (NYTimes)

Bank of America will start repaying TARP next month. (BusinessInsider)

Now the long arm of the Fed is probing and grasping at the internal workings of Goldmorgan Stanley, it has opened the toy box and the electorate are rushing around wanting to play with toys they have never seen before. (Fintag)

Top 25 hedge fund managers made a mere $12bn last year. (BusinessInsider)

UBS investors still don't like its bonus policy. (Reuters)

The very great joys of being an expat at Morgan Stanley. (DealBook)

Deutsche is German again. (Alphaville)

Credit Suisse still investing in its private bank. (WealthBulletin)

From investment banking to insurance. (Insurance Daily)

The case for single sex trading floors. (Infectious Greed)

British government bonds not what they were. (FT)

"Dump dollar as reserve currency": China. (Alea)

"With hard work, you'll get a job. Say it to yourself and believe it." (CNBC)

There will always be a need for police. (The Times)

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