Lunchtime Links: How to recoup lots of money from your plummeting stock

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Financials are back in fashion, with both Citigroup and Bank of America climbing 20% in pre-market trading. But it remains the case that bank stocks are a shadow of their 2007 selves. Fortunately, therefore, the British tax system makes provision for recouping some of your losses. The Sunday Times points out that if you purchased shares in your employer through an options programme and their price has now fallen below the purchase price, you may be eligible for pension tax relief at 40%. To gain the benefit you'll need to switch into a self-invested personal pension before April 6th.

My plan for bad bank assets by Timothy Geithner. (Wall Street Journal)

The Geithner Plan is a trillion-dollar operation by which the U.S. acts as the world's largest hedge fund investor. (Brad DeLong )

Private investors say will only participate if no compensation limits set. (NY Times)

Obama calls for increased oversight of executive pay at ALL banks. (Wall Street Journal)

Obama wants tax bill softened. (Business Insider)

John Mack, poor. (DealBook)

Bonus limits coming to France. (DealBook)

Hedge fund pay may be regulated too. (Financial Times)

AIG takes the sign off its building. (Business Insider)

ING asks its top 1,200 earners to repay bonuses out of a sense of moral obligation. (Reuters)

Graduates want to work for law firms and accountants, not banks. (The Times)

Icap hires an entire team. (Financial News)

New wealth management firm coming soon. (Telegraph)

Agent Provocateur is not discretionary expenditure. (Telegraph)

Tiffany is. (Wall Street Journal)

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