Lunchtime Links: Really scary people wanted at the FSA

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Don't even think of applying to the FSA unless you bear a passing resemblance to Jason Voorhees. Hector Sants thinks that the regulator, still in the process of recruiting 280 people according to the Guardian, has been too nice. "People should be very frightened of the FSA," he says, whilst threatening an "intensive supervisory model" and philosophizing that, a "principles-based approach does not work with participants who have no principles."

Bonus laws are coming for you. (Wall St. Journal)

US Treasury slammed with CVs. (BankerGoneBroke)

Vikram Pandit, Jamie Dimon AND Ken Lewis all say this year will be profitable. (BankerGoneBroke)

BofA doesn't need more gov cash. (Financial News)

...nor does Citigroup. (Reuters)

Big hiring at RBC Wealth Management. (Wealth Bulletin)

Goldman saves $1bn with longer stock vesting times. (Bloomberg)

Nylon sheet time for Goldman bankers. (Wall St. Journal)

Lawyer had to haggle to keep Lehman lights on. (The Times)

Babcock in administration. (Bloomberg)

Deutsche keeps taking from Merrill. (Financial News)

Another big banker goes voluntarily. (Wall St. Journal)

Are you paraskavedekatriaphobic? (A website we have never heard of)

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