Lunchtime Links: Beware the prank Goldman interview invite

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Dealbreaker has unearthed what it claims was a 'sick and twisted' spoof interview invitation ostensibly sent by Mark Weber, a Goldman HR VP, to hapless would-be analysts in the US. The invitation informed eager students that they'd been selected for a first round of interrogation at the firm. Sadly, it was followed by an email from the real Mark Weber revealing that the first email was all a terrible lie sent by someone with 'no affiliation to Goldman Sachs whatsoever.'

Since September, the 800 Lehman people who stayed on to wind up their former employer have been paid 114.8m, or 143.5k each. (The Times)

There are two real problems at UBS...(MarketWatch)

Why Citi's stock is rising. (BusinessInsider)

Since hitting its November lows, Goldman's stock is up 170%. (Wall Street Journal)

Change the accounting rules, funnel funds to the banks via AIG boosting Q1 earnings, announce the PPIP, announce the stress tests, leak the results and the fact that all banks will pass and then let the earnings do the talking. (Pragmatic Capitalist)

Goldman Sachs 666 blogger is holding a conference call too. (Alphaville)

JPMorgan cuts its rating on Goldman. (MarketWatch)

Barclays Capital is now the new Goldman Sachs. (Fintag)

Layoffs at Barcap. (Dealbreaker)

...and JPMorgan. (Dealbreaker)

More senior ML bankers make an exit. (Reuters)

Wall Street is still hiring foreigners. (Wall St. Journal)

Life coach lurking outside the NYSE. (CNN)

Austria is NOT on the brink of default. (CNBC)

Too many well-educated commentators and pundits in a position of influence and authority-people who should know better-are channeling the CAPS LOCK hooligans in the comments section of the blogosphere with virtually no filter. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

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