Lunchtime Links: Mizuho Securities joins the hiring party

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As we noted yesterday, banking recruitment is suddenly looking perky in some areas. And as we noted several months ago Japanese banks have been taking advantage of the downturn to build their businesses in London. Now Mizuho Securities is combining the two trends.

Bloomberg reports that Mizuho is hiring 150 investment bankers in Europe to, 'strengthen its mergers advisory business and start managing share and bond sales.' It's already hired 10 M&A bankers in London and plans to hire another 20, as well as hiring for underwriting, syndication and sales and trading.

The secret of banks' Q1 earnings. (Clusterstock)

'I call this the great government momentum trade - the government enabled the banks to have better than expected, better than even the banks could organically deliver, first-quarter earnings. That looks like it could continue into the second-quarter and the third-quarter.' (Alphaville)

Banks battle to maintain first quarter momentum. (Reuters)

Fee bonanza from stress tests. (Financial Times)

Underwriters to earn $500m in the next few weeks. (DealBook)

An army of FIG bankers will be working overtime. (Wall Street Journal)

Why did Treasury switch from TCE to the even-more-obscure common capital metric? Quite possibly to help Bank of America and Citigroup get the amount of capital they needed to raise down to a number within the realms of possibility. (Felix Salmon)

Ken Lewis would like to repay TARP in months. (MarketWatch)

BofA raises $7.3bn. (Financial Times)

I'm delighted that confidence has returned to the banking industry but I'm a little surprised at the strength of that confidence at this moment in time." (Financial Times)

Time to go and work for Tullet Prebon? Local Authority Pension Fund Forum complains that its bonuses are uncapped and it pays more than peers. (Financial News)

Headhunters in Shanghai report that financial services firms are scrambling to recruit top-quality bankers who may have been laid off by troubled Wall Street firms. (Financial News)

Ex-Bear Stearns executive sues for his $2m bonus. (Clusterstock)

CIBC hires from BGI. (FinAlternatives)

UBS cutting 90 French private banking jobs. (Bloomberg)

John Hourican, head of global banking and markets at RBS, making 1m on paper per month. (Telegraph)

Unknown BBC news presenter on 92k salary. (BBC)

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