Return of the temporary M&A analyst?

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As a matter of policy, and to foster editorial independence, we don't usually write about jobs that are advertised on this site. However, we've noticed a position that seems to merit a brief mention.

Morgan McKinley are advertising for an M&A analyst or associate to work on a temporary basis at a 'leading real estate asset management firm.'

Temporary work in M&A was a feature of the 2003 downturn. Back then, M&A temps were hired to provide flexible resources to help organizations cope with lumpy deal flow.

"M&A temping works in a down market. It's a way of recruiting without adding headcount," says someone previously involved in the M&A temp revolution (but who has since moved on). "In 2003 boutiques were the main customers. People were just happy to have a job, and as the market picked up they became permanent," he adds.

The position that Morgan McKinley is advertising, initially for four weeks, also has the potential to become permanent. Unfortunately, Morgan McKinley warns against expecting a flood of similar opportunities. "This is a one-off temp M&A role and not reflective of any market trend," a spokeswoman tells us.

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