How important is a highly attractive, high functioning spouse?

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Following the eulogy to the fragrant Diane Jenkins in the weekend Telegraph, it's worth revisiting the contribution that Diane has allegedly made to the career of husband Roger Jenkins, the executive chairman of Barclays Investment Banking and Investment Management for the Middle East.

Diane, a Bosnian who met Jenkins while at City University, is rumoured to have had a role in endearing Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani to him. The Sheikh, who manages the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, bought a 15% stake in Barclays earlier this year, enabling the bank to reject an investment from the British government.

Although Diane is something of a socialite, the Jenkinses, the Sheikh and his wife apparently enjoy quiet nights in eating lamb and pasta for four at home.

Now that client relationships are resurgent, are alpha spouses mandatory for success in banking? Or can you still get by with someone who reheats ready meals and thinks Botox is a character from Asterix?

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