Lunchtime Links: Citi said to pay $3m in guaranteed bonuses to London traders

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As we pointed out earlier today, Citigroup appears to have done little to increase its salaries, yet as a TARP-recipient has nevertheless succeeded in hiring people. Now Forbes goes some way to explaining why.

Citi has apparently been paying some very generous guaranteed bonuses to people joining its equities and equity derivatives division. Among the recipients are said to be Rachel Lord, an executive in the equities group, and Stefanos Bitzakidis, the global head of exotic equity derivatives. Forbes says the two received a total of roughly $3m in guaranteed bonuses to join Citigroup from Morgan Stanley. Guarantees are said to have been dangled in the direction of other joiners too.

Risk managers not deciding pay just yet. (Clusterstock)

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Tweet about wine for $10k a month. (CNBC)

Free botox for the unemployed. (Reuters)

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