Late lunchtime Links: Bank of America would dearly love all those Merrill Lynch bankers to come back

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Bank of America has gone public with its sense of loss. It would dearly like all the senior Merrill Lynch bankers who have eschewed its affections in the past six months to think again, and it's making a concerted attempt to appear sufficiently attractive to woo them back. People 'familiar with the efforts' tell Bloomberg that BofA has been approaching various Merrill veterans. A BofA spokeswoman says they 'feel good.'

Goldman Sachs is the poster child for insanity. (NY Times)

Goldman has $171bn in excess liquidity burning a hole in its pocket and is again paying out big bucks. (Financial Times)

Goldman's profits are largely down to a lack of competition. (Economist)

M&A is dead at Goldman Sachs. (Clusterstock)

Any losses from the theft of that Goldman algorithm will be 'very, very immaterial.' (Reuters)

Goldman Sachs top trader Bryan Koplin made a quiet exit earlier this year. (Financial News)

UBS is charging ex-employees with code theft too. (Securities Industry)

JPMorgan is getting bolshy. (NY Post)

Elliot Spitzer: banks have made 'bloody fortune' out of tax payers and created no jobs as a result. (Bloomberg)

How to write an MBA admissions essay. (Bloomberg)

Intelligent people have longer lives. (The Times)

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