Lunchtime Links: Hays boss is very depressing

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Alistair Cox, the chief executive of Hays, features in the FT today, saying some not very nice things about the City jobs market.

Hot on the tracks of Morgan McKinley’s comparatively upbeat report on City jobs in May, Cox is keen to stamp out green shoots of optimism before they turn into widespread cheerfulness. "It’s still a brutal job market in most countries in the world. There’s no clear sign we’re past the worst,” he tells the FT. And regarding City employment in particular: “Those jobs have gone and they’re not coming back any time soon.”

Citigroup plans to halve staff in Italy.(Bloomberg)

Merrill promoting key dealmakers.(Financial Times)

Bank of America writeoffs may increase 10%. (Bloomberg)

Former Dresdner credit analyst joins Cairn Capital. (Nasdaq news)

Nomura resurgent. (Financial Times)

HSBC hires in metals and mining research. (Reuters)

Wells Fargo wants to expand its investment banking business. (Wall Street Journal)

Investment banking looks rather marvellous right now, relative to retail banking. (Independent)

Prop trading may cause an October crash. (CNBC)

Police chief constables paid £200k+. (The Times)

Accountants trying hard to be sexy. (The Times)

Bankers on the farm. (Telegraph)

London only the 16th most expensive City for expats. (BBC)

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