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Scratching your head about how to fill in banks' application forms? Or simply looking for tips on how to impress graduate recruiters with your enthusiasm and experience?

Look no further - below are examples of classic questions found on real investment banks' application forms. Click on them for tips on the ideal answer.

· Which division of the bank are you applying to? Please provide details of the personal skills you developed that have prepared you for a role within this division.

· What extra-curricular activities have you been involved in that you think we would be interested in hearing about?

·Tell us about a time when you have led or been part of a successful team. What problems did you face? How did you overcome these problems and what was the final result?

· How have you felt about taking or initiating action which might be considered a risk?

· Describe a time when you have had to complete a number of important tasks within a tight deadline.

· Describe a situation where you achieved a challenging goal. How did you achieve this? What have you learnt from this?

· From the research you have done on our industry, how does our firm fit in with your career aspirations?

· What steps did you take in determining which investment banking firms you applied to?

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