Lunchtime Links: It's all on again at VTB

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VTB is hiring again. After its previous hiring push appeared to fizzle out around the time of Lehman's death, Russian bank VTB is now back in the market and looking for, 'financial controllers, traders, salespeople, commodities professionals, corporate finance professionals in M&A, and equity capital markets coverage bankers for roles in Moscow, London, Dubai and Singapore,' according to Financial News.

Financial News says the resumption in hiring comes after VTB sliced staff in the areas concerned by two thirds. It also follows the promise of a similar hiring push in August 2008. By October 2008, however, it was rumoured that no one at VTB would be paid bonuses and hiring appeared to be quietly shelved.

Last year, VTB moved into a new building in Cornhill which is twice the size of its previous office in King William Street. However, one senior banker told us there are no aspirations to fill the space and that if big hiring is now imminent, he's yet to hear about it.

Canadian bank RBC Capital Markets has hired Josh Critchley from Goldman Sachs to build a corporate broking business.

This week, Nomura will announce another 8 new MD hires in fixed income. ( Financial Times)

Unicredit hires a global head of rates. (CityAM)

Citigroup hires another two electronic traders. (Financial News)

New capital rules means France and Germany may be forced to bailout more banks. (Telegraph)

The Financial Services Authority could have ordered the closure of cash machines. (Guardian)

Ex-Lehman junior from France still wants to work in London. (Guardian)

Why pay caps work for the National Basketball Association. (MarketWatch)

The FSA and the bonus questionnaire. (Reuters)

The study I'd love to see is the one looking at the lifetime earnings of Harvard dropouts, and comparing them to the lifetime earnings of people who graduated from Harvard. (Felix Salmon)

At ExecuMate we strive to help executives be incredibly successful. We believe a supportive, engaged spouse can contribute greatly to that success and ultimately to the overall success of the company, too." (Charlotte Observer)

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