Lunchtime Links: UK sandwich board man gets job, as recruiter

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Everyone knows about Joshua Persky, the notorious MIT graduate who paraded the streets of Manhattan dressed mainly in a sandwich board. Fewer people know of David Rowe, a history graduate from an unnamed UK university who has been parading Fleet Street offering to work for free.

Reuters reports that Rowe has already been offered a job by Parkhouse Bell, an 'international recruitment firm.' However, he is stalling and plans to walk the streets for another four days before making any big commitments.

Adair Turner: "The key long-term issue is not the level of pay but the structure of payments and the incentives they produce." (Guardian)

Adair Turner: large U.K. banks should place "social usefulness" above profitability. (Bloomberg)

Heckling and handouts during Adair Turner's speech. (Alphaville)

Bankers face a future stripped of profitable businesses in which they will make "lower returns" that will leave them looking like "boring" utilities." (Telegraph)

Sarkozy threatening to walk form G20 unless bonuses curbed. (Telegraph)

RBC changes comp for its traders. (Reuters)

Odgers won't be working for UKFI now that it's hired Cameron. (Reuters)

Martin Currie hired a head of compliance from PWC. (Financial News)

36 asset managers have changed jobs in 41 working days. (Financial News)

UBS has cut 200 jobs in its US wealth management division. (CNBC)

Guy Hands says private equity funds' "net earnings will decline a minimum of 80 percent from the peak in 2007." (NY Times)

"If you are as good as you are without rules, you can become even better with rules. Don't fear. Be happy. Let's make a level playing field." (Bloomberg)

Hotly awaited hedge fund forced to delay the launch of its maiden fund for the third time this year as it struggles with fundraising. (FinAlternatives)

Bank of America, which bought Merrill Lynch & Co. in January, has made more than 35 new hires in Australia in the past three months. (Bloomberg)

So only modest, good people work for Goldman Sachs? (Spiegel)

Goldman Sachs bankers bullish on dating websites. (The Deal)

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