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Jim Richardson, the head of graduate recruitment for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Credit Suisse, has agreed to respond to some of your questions on graduate jobs and internships.

We've started the process by asking a few questions of our own below. Feel free to ask yours by posting them in the comments box at the bottom of the page. We will be selecting three a day for Credit Suisse to respond to between September 2nd and 5th inclusive. [Questions are now closed]

1) At this stage, do you think 2010 will be a better year for investment banks' graduate recruitment than 2009 has proven to be?

Yes, our graduate recruitment numbers are up against our 2009 numbers.

2) Which business areas does Credit Suisse expect to recruit most graduates into in 2010?

We continue to have significant graduate programs in Investment Banking, IT and Securities.

3) Are there any business areas that you don't expect to recruit graduates into during 2010?

No, all areas with established Graduate Programs are recruiting graduates in 2010.

4) Why should students be applying to Credit Suisse investment bank?

Credit Suisse is one of the world's premier banks. Most people who join us do so because of 'the people'. We appeal to intelligent and outgoing personalities who want to work together in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect. We need individuals who bring something personal, special and unique to the business. It's not just that different jobs call for different skills and aptitudes; the creativity, flair and agility that make Credit Suisse successful flow directly from the special mix of people who work here.

5) What's the most common reason for you to reject someone?

Applicants inability to demonstrate genuine knowledge of and motivation for the investment banking industry through their studies, experiences and interests. We also reject candidates who do not have the specific language requirements to suit our business needs.

Questions are now closed. You can read Jim's responses to selected questions below.

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