Where to find the largest number of safe financial services jobs in the EU

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The City of London has produced an interesting study on EU financial services employment.

As we mentioned earlier, it contains some bleak projections, such as job levels in major EU financial centres won't recover until 2013, and even then UK financial services employment will lag 2008 levels by 10,000.

It also offers some interesting insights into where to situate your career. As the chart below shows, although the UK offers by far the most jobs for European wholesale financial services professionals, employment in the City of London is far more unstable than elsewhere in Europe.

If you're after job opportunities and security, you're better off focusing on Germany - or failing that, France or the Netherlands.

Source: eFinancialCareers/City of London

However, if you can stomach the uncertainty of working in the City, you'll be pleased to hear that the survey predicts double digit increases in UK financial services employment from 2010 onwards (while increases in French and German employment will scrape in at 2% per annum).

Financial Services Employment in the EU

Source: City of London

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