Lunchtime Links: A trader at BNP Paribas is earning €10m

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Needless to say he (we assume it's a male) is based in London. Equally needless to say, SocGen is paying somewhat less: according to the Figaro, which elicited the figures from unnamed sources, SocGen's highest paid trader is earning €6.5m this year.

The alleged figures confirm the notion that French banks pay generously at senior levels (although less well lower down the hierarchy). However, the excitement over two individuals may be overdone compared to US banks: last year's report from Andrew Cuomo showed Goldman paying 78 bonuses worth more than $5m for 2009, and 21 worth more than $8m.

Now SocGen's hired a head of UK rates strategy AND a senior forex strategist. (Reuters )

Banks in London may soon be forced to disclose how many people earn more than 500k. (Guardian)

Currently banks must only disclose named pay details for board level staff. (Financial Times)

Shore Capital is moving to Guernsey. (Wealth Bulletin)

Bankers are successfully seeking to pay less to ex-wives. (Financial Times)

Regulation could reduce banks' profitability by 59% (precisely) (Bloomberg)

And the world's biggest hedge fund is...(Pragmatic Capitalist)

London's falling behind NY in the battle for big hedge funds. ...(Forbes)

It looks like they really might ban naked CDS. ...(EuroIntelligence)

Curbing derivatives may hurt Greece ...(CNBC)

Why are Citigroup shares surging? (Wall Street Journal)

Firing the $70bn man. (CNN)

BofA Merrill pinches a private banker from UBS. (Wealth Bulletin)

AIG's got a new 'forced ranking' system for bonuses. (Reuters)

Surprise: RBS in the US has been adding rather than leaking staff. (Financial News)

Why has Siggi Thorkelsson resigned from Nomura? (MoneyIsTheWay)

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