Lunchtime Links: The man who apparently set up a hedge fund in his bedroom at 18, joined Goldman at 21, retired at 28

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Anton Kreil has not escaped our notice. Together with Lex Van Dam he was on the TV programme Million Dollar Traders. He also has his own trading institute and various other entrepreneurial ventures.

However, City AM this morning makes Anton seem like the kind of person most financial services professionals would breathe very heavily over. Specifically, it says Anton: "set up his own hedge fund from his bedroom in Liverpool at 18, was poached by Goldman Sachs at 21, and retired at 28."

Cue heavy panting.

However, this may not be entirely true.

According to Anton's 'biography', published by Alphaville a few years ago, he was studying economics at Manchester aged between 18 and 21, attended an interview at Goldman Sachs, and got a job offer when he graduated.

And here, Anton says he traded from home in the mid-1990s, went to university when he realised that it was a prerequisite for getting into banking, failed to get an internship, but got a place at Goldman on graduation.

So he didn't have a hedge fund in his bedroom. Nor was he 'poached' from that fund. But he did join Goldman aged 21. And he did take a year's sabbatical in 2007. Whether he is now retired is also a moot question. Kreil is impressive, but there is no need to hyperventilate.

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