Only 7% of City quants are women and those women are statistically less likely to be happy than men

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If you're a quant and you're a woman, the chances are that you are a) not among other women; b) not particularly content with your lot.

Research by P&D Quant recruitment, a quant recruitment firm, found that in a sample of 600 quants in London, only 43 were women.

Those women emerged as notably less pleased than men. Hence, 11% of female quants in the City said they were "very unhappy" versus 7% of men. Only 2% said they were "very happy", versus another 7% of men.

Dominic Connor, director of P&D, volunteers an opinion on women quant's sparseness and lack of contentment.

"Women are less likely to have PhDs," he informs us. "They're also less likely to have computer skills and anecdotally they're less likely to enjoy programming than men."

There are fewer female quants in London than globally (in a sample of 2,497 quants around the world, 8.3% were women). Connor postulates that this might have something to do with the lower standard of education attained by British women.

Because of this, Connor surmises that female quants are less likely to be in "better jobs" and that this might be making them comparatively sad.

"In our other studies, we've found that staff in algorithmic trading, modelling and trading roles are much happier than those in risk and that no group anywhere is as unhappy as the average person in model validation," says Connor.

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