Proof that you are more likely to make MD if your father was the CFO of a major bank?

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It's not often that three brothers make it to very senior positions in investment banking. In the case of Jim, Michael and John Esposito, this seems to be the case, however.

As Dow Jones reported last week, Jim Esposito, 41, has just moved to London as head of the EMEA financing group at Goldman Sachs.

Michael Esposito is co-head of the financial institutions group (FIG) at Goldman Sachs.

And John Esposito is head of North American FIG at Morgan Stanley.

How can this be? Is this an indication of a genetic pre-disposition to investment banking?


Banking is certainly in the family. They boys' father, also named Michael Esposito, has nearly 50 years' experience in banking and was executive vice president and CFO of Chase Manhattan between 1987 and 1991.

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