Q&A: Jon Moulton answers our questions and divulges what he looks for in candidates

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Jon Moulton, private equity icon and idol and founder of Better Capital, has answered our questions about his career and preferred traits in candidates.

This is Jon:


His responses to our questions are as follows.

1) How long have you been working in financial services?

Since 1980.

2) Has your career path been conventional or capricious?

Opportunistic tending to fortuitous. My best moves have been from the less enjoyable (unattractive colleagues etc) to new places.

3) What matters most: talent or hard work?

Hard work.

4) What would you always advise people to do before they step into an interview with you?

Sober up.

5) What do you know now about working in private equity that you wish you'd known 15 years ago?

The scale of greed and the willingness of investors to support it.

6) You are only allowed to hire one person over the next six months. Can you describe their ideal profile?

60. From Stoke on Trent. Chartered accountant. Good looking.

7) In no more than three sentences, can say what your business area will look like in 2015?

By 2015 interest rates will have broken upwards and distressed investing will be awash with targets (of variable desirability)....

8) I want to work for you. What will persuade you to hire me?

A serious work ethic, high intellect, high integrity and a well-developed sense of humour.

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