Late Lunchtime Links: Compelling games suggesting your suitability for a career at Deutsche Bank

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Compelling online games are popular this year. BarCap has one. Deutsche Bank has several.

You can see and play Deutsche's games here in a brand new area of its careers site called, 'Test Your Agile Mind.' We have played a few (drop the square down the hole, drop a weight on a coloured ball whilst also balancing a ball on a tilting piece of wood, click on the correct colour having read it from a flashing background in a different colour) and can confirm that they are both quite hard and very addictive.

Even if you prove very adept at dropping the weight on the correctly coloured ball, you may not get a job at Deutsche: the bank stresses that its games are 'just for fun.' It does, however, indicate how well you scored compared to the average, so you can at least reassure yourself that you're superior to most of the other bankers/aspiring bankers with time to spare.

BNP Paribas and Societe Generale are trimming about 300 billion euros ($405 billion) off their balance sheets. (Bloomberg)

Credit Suisse calculates European banks may need 400 billion euros of capital by 2012; BarCap estimates they'll need 230bn. (Reuters)

BarCap analysts expect investment banking revenues decline 40% q-on-q in Q3, with some bulge bracket banks experiencing 60% declines. (Alphaville)

Goldman Sachs will fall to the second loss in its history as a public company, Barclays Capital predicted. (Financial Times)

Credit Suisse chairman is emphatic that they won't be spinning off the investment bank. (Swissinfo)

"It would be the wrong solution for Credit Suisse to just end its investment banking operations or to separate them--the executive board agrees on that." (FoxInfo)

Jefferies' chief executive has frightened everyone by selling $25m of his shares in the bank. (DealBook)

Swiss private bankers now losing their jobs too. (DealBook)

Employees at UBS in Singapore have all been given a free red-and-black Formula One jacket. (DealBook)

UBS must be staffed with idiots. (Falkenblog)

Kenichi Watanabe explains his management style and says he practices zen. (Financial Times)

Deloitte has already hired 49,000 people this year and wants to hire 68,000 soon. (The Times)

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