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Why do bubbles not appear when sparkling water is closed?


I answered based on my chemical engineering knowledge and said something along the lines of:

When the bottle is closed the system tends to equilibrate where partial pressure is less than atmospheric and so the CO2 cannot form the bubbles.


Why, in this glass do the bubbles in the water sit at the bottom?”


I honestly answered and said I couldn’t be certain but it could be something to do with some interaction between the bubble and the glass.

The answer was incorrect but he explained the concept of surface tension site development.


Tell me about your personal morals, what p*sses you off? 


I answered as I would to anyone else who asked me the question. I talked about how I don’t like people who lie to themselves.


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We cannot guarantee the authenticity of these questions nor the accuracy of the answers: they are what one candidate claims to have been asked by Barclays Capital and have not been verified by the bank.


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