This is how much you should be earning as an MD in M&A in EMEA, Asia, the US and Brazil in 2011

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International financial services search firm, Options Group, has disclosed a few data points from its new and comprehensive compensation report for 2011. We’ll be releasing them slowly over the next week. Here’s what they say you should be anticipating, in total comp as an MD in IBD this year.

Total compensation forecast, MD, IBD: M&A

US: $1.3m-$2.0m

EMEA: $1.37m-$2.0m

Asia-Pac: $800k-$1.5m

LatAm: $1.2m-$1.5m

(1 GBP=1.57 USD)

Further information is available in the full report, which is available for purchase.

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