These are the interview questions you'll be asked at Barclays (Capital), Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

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As you may have noticed from our editorial homepage this morning, we've been adding to our list of student interview questions. Based on submissions from students who claim to have been interviewed by investment banks and other financial services firms (Halifax), we now have a long, long list of hopefully authentic, supposedly real, probably frequent, interview questions asked at leading investment banks. To see the whole thing, click here. We haven't finished with this yet - there are more to add.

In the meantime, if you want to focus your attention purely on the new interview questions we've just added from the biggest banks, there are links to them all below. What's notable? The complexity of some of the questions and the (high and low) standard of some of the answers. Before you walk into a Goldman Sachs M&A interview - even for an internship position, make sure you know everything about company valuations.

Interview questions: Barclays Capital, operations, internship 

Interview questions: Barclays Capital, M&A/IBD, graduate position 

Interview questions: Deutsche Bank, capital markets, graduate 

Interview questions: Deutsche Bank, risk, graduate 

Interview questions: Goldman Sachs, M&A, internship 

Interview questions: JPMorgan, FX sales, off-cycle internship 

Interview questions: JPMorgan, M&A internship 

Interview questions: Morgan Stanley, IBD, internship 

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