Every conceivable thing you could want to know about the state of graduate jobs in investment banking and graduate pay in investment banking in 2012

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It's a big day for people who like facts about graduate recruitment. The annual High Fliers update into the state of the graduate employment market in 2012 is out and it's full of facts.

For the sake of speed and simplicity we've extracted the tables which will be of most interest to you and posted them below. Key factual takeaways are these: investment banking still pays the most in first year salaries, there are a lot more people chasing each banking job this year than last.

With that, here we go:

1. Yes, graduate hiring in investment banks is down this year - but not by much



2. As 2012 has progressed, banks have revised this year's hiring plans down further 



3. But they have not revised them down as far as consultants have

4. Bad luck: there are no an extra 11.3 students chasing every banking job


5. The trouble is that applications have gone up a little and jobs have gone down a little


6. Yes, it would have been easier if you'd graduated 5 years ago

7. In the first year of a graduate job at an investment bank you will earn twice as much as a graduate who is working in the public sector 


8. And to conclude:

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