French equity researcher demonstrates how to move from Paris to London to Sydney and retire in your early 40s

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Surfing into the sunset

Surfing into the sunset

Laurent Horrut seems to have had the sort of career everyone in banking would like but few actually achieve.

Horrut has just announced his entirely voluntary resignation to spend more time with his family. He doesn't give his age, but he's only been working for 14 years, so we guess that puts him in his early 40s, at the most.

Even better from the perspective of anyone who aspires to a lifestyle location, Horrut has spent the past 9 years of his career based in Sydney - a notoriously difficult market for non-Australians to break into.

Horrut is French, so how did he do it? More to the point, how could you do it too?

Get a bridging job

The answer appears to be: the bridging job.

Horrut trained in Paris, got a first and second job working in equity research in London at Bank of America and HSBC and moved to Australia after six years in the City.

Notably, however, he didn't go straight into an amazing banking job in Sydney: he went into a corporate role with local telecommunications company SingTel and Optus.  After a cursory 9 months there, he moved to JPMorgan.

There is a lesson here. And it is this: be strategic; if you want to move overseas don't assume you have to find a perfect opportunity from the outset; find a holding position, work it. Get yourself on the ground and only then look for something better. It worked for Horrut.