Late Lunchtime Links: Jamie Dimon and the mother test - how to assess whether you're treating female colleagues nicely or not

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New York Magazine has been spending some time with Jamie Dimon: 122 minutes to be precise. During that time it has elicited several things that weren't previously known about the chief executive of the US bank, including the fact that he has received death threats and is unable to leave the building without security guards.

New York Magazine also reveals that Jamie Dimon is usually a calm and implacable person: “I never get anxious,” Dimon says, “I don’t normally.” And it discloses that Dimon never even contemplated resigning for one moment over the Bruno Iksil affair. 

Most interestingly, Dimon suggests a quick rule-of-thumb method for establishing whether you're treating your colleagues acceptably, especially if they happen to be women: ask yourself if you would subject your mother to that kind of behaviour.

Specifically, Dimon said he felt terrible about Ina Drew who had worked for the firm for three decades and was being 'hung out to dry' (as we indeed suggested at the time). In an effort to defend Drew, Dimon said he told JPMorgan senior staff: "Guys, that could be your mother. You want me to treat your mother that way?’”

Whether Drew and other female bankers really want to be compared to male colleagues' mothers is another question, however.


Back from the dead, Knight Capital has hired an equity sales team from Morgan Stanley. (Financial News) 

Headhunter confirms that everyone will want to leave Barclays' investment bank if David Walker cuts pay. (Scotsman) 

Hedge funds are worried about new European hedge fund pay rules, which mandate deferrals and clawbacks and seem to apply to all funds with no exemptions. (Financial Times) 

Leopoldo Zambeletti, head of healthcare coverage for Credit Suisse EMEA, has been removed as Credit Suisse ‘delayers’ its coverage teams. (Financial News) 

The chief executive of one European bank said last week that he was working on the assumption that revenues would be flat for the next few years, and that the only way to change the profitability of the investment banking division was to cut costs and win market share from banks in even more trouble than his. (Financial News)

David Walker is as British as they come, which is surely bad news for Barclays’ ex-Lehman bankers in the US. (WSJ) 

And also: Bill Winters isn't too keen on becoming Barclays CEO. (WSJ) 

Why you should quit your technology job and get a humanities PhD. (Farnam Street) 

Cambridge students don’t want to study humanities, but are reorienting themselves towards science and maths in an effort to earn more money. (SundayTimes) 

Thousands of people at the Bank of England have received £30k bonuses. (DailyMail) 

If you work in the Haribo factory in Pontefract, Yorkshire, you are allowed to eat as many sweets as you like. (Telegraph) 

NJF Search takes to YouTube. (YouTube)

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