SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: Am I really better than 50% of the current intake?

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After putting in another Sunday shift I was pretty tired on Monday morning, but the thought that I only had two weeks left kept me going. By now it feels as if I have been working here for years; I can’t quite believe it hasn’t even been two months. It is going to feel very strange finishing.

Our presentation was scheduled for Wednesday, and it was pretty much done, so I felt that could relax until then. On Monday I decided to ask people if there were any small things I could do, to keep myself busy until the last day. Despite this sounding like a brilliant idea, the reality was that I ended up being set loads of mind-numbingly boring projects. This was clearly a bad move, and it meant I was stuck at my desk for most of the week.

On Wednesday we had to give the presentation. HR had told us that our line managers would all be there, so four senior MDs, and that it would be very important for our job prospects. Despite several analysts telling us it was irrelevant, we still felt incredibly nervous and went through it solidly for an hour before. When we finally arrived at the room, the only people there were HR and one guy from one of the four desks we came from, and not even the MD! The presentation went well, and I was a little disappointed in the end that no one from my desk turned up: what a waste of time and effort!

After the anticlimax of the presentation the rest of the week flew by. Once it was over I had nothing else to do but try to give a good final impression. I spent the rest of the week revisiting people, and asking if there was anything I could do to impress before I leave. Most people seemed optimistic of my chances, but they also confessed to know nothing about the selection process. I found it quite unnerving that many of the senior people I had come to know well seemed to know nothing about the recruitment process. It seems to be very opaque and difficult to read.

Word from other banks that have already finished is that headcount has been similar to last year, at around 50% of interns taken on. Looking at the 60 or so people on the program it is very hard to find 30 that I think are worse than me, but who knows?

HR have been very busy moving people around, and interns are very confused about what to read into it. Usually 3-4 people are interviewed for each desk, and one may be asked to spend some more time there afterwards. Some people feel hesitant to go, out of loyalty to their current desks, but I’m pretty sure they are only being asked because they haven’t currently got a job. I'm taking my lack of e-mails from as a good sign…

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