UBS's London summer intern 2012 Facebook page suggests Imperial may be its preferred place to hire

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Imperial College

Imperial College

There have been various debates in the past about the best universities/colleges to attend if you want to build a career in financial services. According to QS Top Universities Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE are near the top of the list in the UK. They think Imperial College ranks 25th globally.

A brief perusal of the members of UBS's London 2012 Facebook Group suggests this may be wrong, however - or at least that it may be wrong in the case of UBS.

Only 50 of the UBS Group members explicitly state which universities/colleges they attend. Of these 50, 10 study at Imperial. By comparison, there are only 3 Oxford students, 1 Cambridge student and 1 student at the LSE.

Behind Imperial, Bristol University and University College London are also popular sources of UBS interns, providing at least six people each. Interestingly, UBS has also hired London interns from the University of Warsaw (possibly reflecting its development of a big back office centre in Poland).  It also has an intern from Huazong University in China.