CV: Bath University student who wants to work in equity research. SCORE=83%

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Education and Qualifications: 

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Candidacy

- Expecting to pass the Level 1 exam in December 2012, and aiming to ultimately gain the charterholder status.

University of Bath, School of Management (BSc. [Hons] Business Administration 2008-2012)

- First Class Honours achieved (I achieved Firsts consistently in every year of my degree)

- Final Year Research Project sponsored by Swiss Bank (1st achieved) on hedge fund regulation.

- Modules: Concentration in accounting and finance, with legal and economic applications to strategy

London School of Economics (Alternative Investments Summer School Course 2010)

- Grade achieved: A

British School of Brussels (International Baccalaureate 2006 - 2008)

Total Points: 41/45 (top of the year) - Higher Mathematics (6/7), Higher Chemistry (6/7), Higher Biology (6/7),

Standard Business (7/7), Standard English A1 (7/7), Standard Dutch B (7/7), TOK & Extended Essay (2/3)

Work Experience:

Swiss Bank – Exchange Traded Derivatives – Front-Office Treasury (6-months from Feb – Aug 2011)

Structured multi-billion pound money market portfolio using own modeling techniques and VBA skills

- Developed a statistical model for estimating the substantial cost savings from the aforementioned portfolio

- Personally took the initiative to fundamentally improve the pricing formula used for funding the house business

- Personally took the initiative to improve daily predictions of internal banking rates using statistical analysis

- Built VBA-based excel reports to analyse funding and investment data for management purposes

German accounting firm – Accounting Investigator (6-months from Jul – Jan 2009/10)

- Conducted investigative audit and cash recovery for major food retailor’s historic liabilities to third parties

- Personally took the initiative to conduct legal research which significantly enhanced profitability

- Personally took the initiative to audit business rates liabilities for majority of client’s distribution network

- Recovered substantial amounts of cash through repeated negotiations and effective accounting

- Former Chairman of Student Investment Club

- 6th out of 104 teams in a major trading game

Our comments: 

Nadia Capy-Osgood, a seasoned graduate recruiter who’s worked at various investment banks, says:

J is looking for a career in Equity Research.  He is a recent graduate from Bath.  He also states he is interested in any position that involves financial modelling (structured products or investment banking).  J has scored the maximum in his university and international Baccalaureate qualifications (8/8).  His final year research project was also sponsored by a Swiss Bank.  He did an exchange programme at a recognised university in the USA as well as a LSE alternative investments summer course.  He has strong work experience (6 months on exchange-traded derivatives at leading investment bank.  Was the Chairman of the University Finance club, came 6th in a major trading and is fluent in two European languages.  J has a very strong cv.  I would expect his cv to pass initial screening at most financial institutions.  The only thing that worries me about this cv is that his preference is in equity research – an area where there is never a huge hiring head count – and it is particularly not a hot hiring area in the current economic climate.  If I were J, I would go to as many company presentations in the London area as possible (as he has already graduated from Bath) and meet with employers and ask there where they are hiring.  It is best to get this info from the horses’ mouth rather than from websites.  I would consider other areas in addition to research, structured products and investment banking – such as fund management, risk management and some of the more quantitative areas of broking (checkout ICAP – they have some interesting roles on offer this year).

Total score – 40/48 – This cv would pass an initial screen and would be rated “Strong” (out of Weak, Average, Strong and Excellent).  In the current economic climate it would only be put forward for interview if there was headcount for the area being applied for.  My advice would be to apply for as many roles as your transferrable skills allow and to show evidence in our cover letter / competency answers where and how your skills are transferrable

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