CV: Newcastle University Student who wants to work in asset or wealth management. SCORE: 69%

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After receiving a 2.1 Hons Degree from Newcastle University, past experience with trading and an array of entrepreneurial ventures, I now have the drive to make it as an effective and successful Wealth and Asset Manager. I feel my hunger for success, enthusiasm, motivation and diligence; as well as the interpersonal skills would make me the perfect candidate for your firm.


Newcastle University 

Marketing Management – 2.1 (Hons)

College:   (2007-2008)

AAB in A level    Geography


Physical Education.

School (2004-2007):

GCSE - 7 A’s and B’s

AS in Economics


BGC Brokerage (Canary Wharf), (2010 -2011)

•   Worked with traders in convertible bonds for the Asian and European markets for a month on the trading floor in Canary Wharf.

•   Given an introduction to the world of trading and how the market is run. It also allowed me to get an understanding of the fast moving trading markets between Europe and Asia. I experienced the speed and pressure of the trading world from which I developed my negotiating skills and market knowledge.

University events company (2009 - 2012)

•  Worked for a weekly night event, which I took from a regular 600 person event to a 1000 person event while tripling profits through adapted salesmanship roles and organising a successful team.

•  Was then promoted to Manager of a 1200 person club along with organising finances and 40 staff.

•   Founded a monthly night which I held a 30% stake and made substantial profits.

•    Working the events company for 3 years, I funded my university education, which I have completed with no debt overhanging my future.

The Summer Ball (2012)

•             Organised a 1000 person summer ball in Newcastle at St. James Park, making a substantial profit.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Rugby match  (2012)

•     Organised the Royal Marsden cancer charity rugby match held at Richmond stadium, Surrey. I did this through captaining the Newcastle Rugby Team and organising 3 other teams in the two-match event. It also included organising venues, ticket sales and raffles to gain the substantial profit made for charity.

•   We raised over £25,000

 Estate Agency (Park Lane, London)  (2011)  

•    Worked as a sales and letting agent in the Mayfair and Knightsbridge area for two months.

Our evaluator’s comments: 


An experienced credit trader who’s participated in the graduate recruitment process, says:

This is a reasonable CV,  but you make a mistake by referring to BCG Partners as BGC Brokerage and it's not clear how long your internship there was for - one year, or one month? Your academics are good as is your university, although neither is outstanding. What really stands out is your broad range of extra-curricular activities and the fact that you've financed yourself through university. You really need to add some finance experience, which may be hard if you've graduated already - or to be prepared to start at the bottom.

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