CV: Nottingham University student who wants to work in M&A or asset management. SCORE=69%

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A confident, committed and self-motivated individual who communicates well, works hard and has excellent interpersonal skills. Entering the final year of my stimulating course, I am seeking an opportunity that will prove to be an excellent foundation for my career, providing challenges and further developing my skills and business acumen. An opportunity to work in a thriving business atmosphere is something I take to with ease and appeals to not only my skills set but also my personal interests. Having excellent attention to detail, inquisitive nature and an innovative mind makes me an ideal person to provide value adding services. Highly motivated and organized, I manage to prioritise and deal with deadlines in a very timely manner. Having had the experience of addressing various complex issues regarding capital adequacy, retail models and portfolio diversification in the past I look forward to making an impressive contribution to your organisation, both individually as well as part of a cohesive unit. I aim for a fast paced and challenging start to my career allowing me to progress rapidly, while pursuing my ambition of attaining a professional qualification from an esteemed body.

Work Experience

The Royal Bank of Scotland – Finance Analyst [June 2012 - August 2012]

Having been placed in the Group Internal Audit department, I worked on various high impact projects, designing process maps, testing controls and processes and was in regular interaction with various senior stakeholders. With my day to day activities I developed my technical knowledge of audit as well as gaining sound business knowledge in financial services. The audits I was assigned to included the ICAAP, Retail Model Build and Validation and Credit Quality Assurance. Furthermore, I presented externally and internally to large audiences, one of the topics being the Eurozone Crisis.

Swiss Bank – Risk Analyst [March 2010 - April 2010]

This very exclusive scheme allowed me the opportunity to witness day to day operations of a bank. I was able to explore the approach banks take in managing various business risks. Employed in the sector where the bank offered clients advisory services, specifically in risk diversification. I was able to enhance my knowledge of analysing risk and presented my findings to both the client and my line manager and the extended team.

Brokers – Summer Analyst [July 2010 - August 2010]

Being in the midst of shipping brokers allowed me to explore one of the drivers of international trade. Witnessing commodity trading first hand served as a great opportunity to expand on my knowledge of financial markets and trading. GFI is one of five firms dominating 70% of interdealer broking market.

Chartered Accountants - Intern [December 2008 - January 2009]

Shadowing a chartered accountant allowed me to explore the complexities of this type of work and this was something I took an immediate fondness to. Also credited with completing the heavy bulk of the work including clear organization and analysis of the receipts in the run in to the Tax Return Deadline.

Cricket Club – Head Coach [May 2011 - July 2011]

Took a position of responsibility as I combined my management and cricket skills in this very rewarding encounter. Responsibilities included liaising with parents as well as managing and designing lesson plans for coaches who I was in charge of managing.


University of Nottingham [2010-2013]

Studying BSc (Hons.) Economics – 2:1 after Second Year of Study

High School [2005-2010]

A-Levels: Economics (A) Mathematics (A*) Further Mathematics (A*)

AS: Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics (AAAA)

The majority of the modules were cleared with perfect marks and scores achieving the higher end of the 90 % bracket.

GCSE’s: 9A*, 3A, 2B, 1/2C including Mathematics (A*), English Lit (A*) and English (A)

Interests & Achievements

- Keen interest in the global financial markets as well as the state of current events relating to international trade, globalisation and emerging economies. Member of the Nottingham Undergraduate Equity Fund. Also have attended various conferences & seminars on trading & stock markets

- Completed the Nottingham Advantage Award – recognized as enhancing employability through developing competencies & transferable skills such as teamwork and communication.

- Playing and committee member for the Nottingham University Cricket Club. Used my cricket knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills to introduce an England cricket player to private banking services in Singapore.

- Through a series of work experiences and internships I have managed to build up a vast array of connections swiftly; aided by my enthusiasm, interpersonal skills and displaying good levels of emotional intelligence at a young age.

- Comfortably surpassed the fund raising target of £2K , for the Prince’s Trust, during my internship at RBS where I bought to the fore my teamwork and sales capabilities

- Achieved a scholarship in school which gave me 75% off school tuition fees.

- Proficient in MS Office applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint in addition to Web Designing.

- In my spare time, I am an active member of a cricket club and enjoy football and physical training.

References available on request

Our evaluator’s comments: 


An experienced investment banker who’s participated in the graduate recruitment process, says:

Well-formatted CV but could have benefitted from losing the wordy “Objective” section which didn’t really add anything – 11 lines is a lot of space on a CV which could have otherwise been a page long.

Also, the work experience needs locations in each case – I won’t assume it’s all in London just because he’s studying in the UK.

The work experience, whilst in the financial sector, lends itself more to accounting or back office trade support/admin roles so I’d have liked to see more that tied it to front office roles.

Likewise, Asset Management and M&A are different areas and by expressing an interest in both he comes across as unclear about his motivation. For a graduate role this needs to be explicitly stated, although you might have got away with it for an internship of spring week application.

Extra Curricular experiences are reasonable but I’d expect a very good story (and perhaps a bit of banter) to explain the following sentence: “Used my cricket knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills to introduce an England cricket player to private banking services in Singapore.”!

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