Lunchtime Links: Yes, there are a lot of jobs at UBS and Credit Suisse in Poland

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We've been saying for at least a month that Poland is hot among Swiss banks. Credit Suisse is building a back office centre there. So is UBS. Poland is hot because it has educated graduates and it's cheap.

At this particular moment in time, Credit Suisse wants to hire 55 people for its Polish office in Wroclaw. They include accountants, C++ developers, risk professionals, web-publishers and the ever-elusive German-speaking graduates for whom Credit Suisse has been advertising since 2009.

UBS is currently advertising 38 jobs in its Kraków office. It wants: IT people, risk people and accountants. There may be some competition with Credit Suisse.

The Financial Times has woken up to the popularity of Poland. Specifically, it says Credit Suisse is moving jobs out of Singapore and into Poland (and India) because of Poland's cheapness. If not Poland, then Hungary is also popular: Morgan Stanley reportedly moved 80 back office jobs to Hungary and India last month.


Nomura will be cutting jobs in Europe, but might be hiring in M&A. (Bloomberg)

Nomura already only employs half all of the Nomura people it had in 2007 plus the people it acquired from Lehman. (Financial News) 

Barclays went so far as to interview Jes Staley in London and New York for its CEO position. (Sky)

The sad, sad reality of life as a trader in an investment bank. (Twitter) 

Further indications that attractive women are at an advantage when applying for jobs in equity sales. (Daily Mail) 

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