SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: The internship is over. I have found out whether my strategy for getting a graduate offer worked

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Unbelievably, the internship is over. It’s a strange feeling. Despite feeling like I have worked here for years, it also seems to have gone very quickly.

I started the week knowing a decision had already been made. I'd finished my work and there wasn’t really anything more I could do. I maintained my daily tasks whilst trying my best to not mess up in some way.

I decided to spend most of my time catching up with people I'd met throughout the summer, as I had been very busy with the ‘networking’ at the beginning. I wanted to make sure I left with good contacts, whether or not I got the job on my desk.

There was intense speculation throughout the week as to who would get the jobs. Everyone was discussing the movements of other interns movements and any information that was available was like gold dust. I knew that I must be in with a chance. I hadn’t been asked to go elsewhere, and I was quietly confident. Even on the Tuesday of the last week people were being told their desk had no headcount, a cruel fate after nine weeks of 13+ hour days!

All week there was a strange atmosphere on my desk. People were treating me differently, as if they all knew the decision. On the Wednesday, a VP from my desk asked me to go for a coffee. I took this as a good sign but this was short lived. Throughout our chat he kept saying things like ‘even if not offered the job, this will look great on your CV’, and suddenly my confidence plummeted. He is very involved in the process and definitely knew at this point whether or not I’d got the job. I felt sick for the rest of the day, and prepared for a long application process once again. All the interns went for a drink that night but I didn’t fancy it, I felt devastated.

On the Thursday I had pretty much given up. I didn’t bother doing any of the projects I had left and just chose to sit with my favourite people on the floor. I took an hour for lunch and went and chatted to an intern in a café. We both knew our fates were sealed at this point, and discussed what we’d do if not given the job. I’ve graduated already with the option to do another year, but I think I’ll just go travelling.

I could barely sleep on Thursday night and came in on Friday in a state. My meeting was scheduled for 10am so I didn’t have long to wait. Around 9:30 the first interns started coming out, and from what I saw there had been a few offers already… Maybe HR were right about there being a good conversion rate?

I arrived in the room early and HR were already in there. My boss arrived soon after and ushered me in. I could barely breathe but within seconds I had been handed an envelope with my name on it, and told I had the offer. I was completely shocked and accidently swore out loud. The Recruiter went on to tell me all the details but I could barely listen because I was so surprised.

I spent the rest of the day thanking everyone for their time. I had so many people to see that I actually forgot to call my mum until a few hours after. What a relief. I ended up buying everyone lunch and I spent most of the day chatting about the job, some of the praise was hard to take, and I actually felt quite emotional.

The conversion rate was bang in line with expectations, at around 50%. Some people were furious and left early whilst others were quite pleased and almost excited to start somewhere fresh next year.

After work a few of the guys took me for a drink.. Let’s just say it was a fun night! What a great ten weeks.

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