This is how many graduates various different banks inform us they're hiring for 2012/2013

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Unfortunately, our information isn't infallible. Nor is it necessarily entirely comparable, but we'll let you know what we've been told.

As part of our 2013-2013 Careers in Financial Markets Guide (unfortunately we only have the 2012 edition online for the moment), banks were asked to inform us how many graduate hires they plan to make in 2012-2013. We've listed their responses below. The bad news is that it's not always clear whether the figures provided are for the UK, EMEA, or the entire world.

There's also some obfuscation from the fact that the figures are for '2012/13': these may be last year's numbers.

Nevertheless, this is what we know (not all banks provided us with data):

Approximate graduate hires 2012/2013

Barclays Investment Bank:  250

Commerzbank: 35

Credit Agricole: Employs 3,500 graduates on open-ended contracts in France, 2,100 of whom are 'young graduates'. There's also a 'French International Internship Programme, which employs 150 people

European Investment Bank: 10-15

Fidelity Worldwide Investment: 20

ICAP: 60 globally

Lazard: 20 M&A graduate analysts

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International: 10-15 graduate hires

Morgan Stanley: 250-300 graduates across EMEA

Munich Re: 10-30

PWC: 150 (this seems to be for consulting businesses only)

RBC Capital Markets: 30-40

SocGen: 1,000+ across all its programmes

Approximate intern hires 2012/2013

Barclays Investment Bank: 200

Credit Agricole: 6,000 new intern hires in France

European Investment Bank: Around 125 internships each year

Fidelity Worldwide Investment: 10

ICAP: 90 globally

Lazard: 20 M&A summer interns

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International: 10-12

Morgan Stanley: 350-400 interns across EMEA

Munich Re: 160

PWC: 50 (this seems to be for consulting businesses only)

RBC Capital Markets: 40-50

SocGen: 5,000 across all divisions worldwide

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