GUEST COMMENT: I have applied for 1,000 jobs. My rate of return is 5%

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1,000 CVs, 50 jobs

I’m like water. You can put a stone in my path and I’ll go around it. You can block my path completely and I’ll be silent and still like water. But while I’m silent, I’m gathering my energy to break through. Nothing can stop me. Once you are determined and you put your mind to something, no one is strong enough to get in your way.

Therefore, if one HR person says I’m not good enough for a role, I won’t leave it there. They aren’t the only person with the key the door. I will knock on the next one, and the next one, and will keep knocking until I find one which opens. I’ve learned that success is all about trial and error. Whenever you are trying to sell something new, you need to convince them to buy it. The same applies to finding a job in financial services. I’ve learned that the rate of return is typically around 5%.

An example:

You apply to 100 small boutiques.

60 will give you a phone interview.

30 will invited you for the 1st round of interviews.

15 will call you back for more.

You will get 5-10 offers, but only 5 are truly what you want.

This may sound pessimistic, but in my experience it’s accurate. Personally, I am applying directly to over 1,000 banks and small boutiques. The City of London is a leading global financial centre: when you apply for a role here you are competing against the rest of the world. Equally, however, as a European you are free to apply for jobs across Europe, and I am doing this too. Ok – you may not make a fortune working for a small boutique in Barcelona, but the lifestyle would be good. And what about boutiques in other key financial centres – Zurich, Geneva, New York.

You don't have to see the whole staircase that leads to your goal in life. Take the first step and have faith in yourself, you WILL get there IF you stay PERSISTENT & CONSISTENT.

As an addendum, I’m only 22. My life so far has not been easy, but this has just made me all the more determined to overcome any goals that are set in my way.

John Brown is a pseudonym.  

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