Several of Kweku's ex-colleagues are still in banking. Some are even at UBS

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While Kweku Adoboli settles into a period of enforced relaxation in the arms of state, what became of the other names that were mentioned during his trial? None were implicated in Kweku's crime - although in some cases he attempted to persuade the court otherwise. Some, however, were working on desks close to Kweku, or were called in to investigate Kweku's mess when UBS intimated that something might be wrong.

Our (brief) investigation suggests Kweku hasn't been disastrous for everyone's careers. Some people appear to be in perpetual retirement. Others aren't.

1. William Steward  

Who is he? An equity product controller who features on the transcript of the call with Kweku trying to, "clarify the exposures."

Where is he now?  We don't know. He appears to have left UBS more than six months ago and there's no trace of him turning up elsewhere.

2. Sean Ryan

Who is he? A regional controller and accountant at UBS (ie a senior compliance person). He also features on the transcript of the call with Kweku and asks him to "confirm exactly which counterparties are involved and the quantum of the exposure."

Where is he now? He's still at UBS.

3. Yassine Bouhara 

Who is he? Yassine Bouhara was global head of equities at UBS.

Where is he now?  As we noted yesterday, Bouhara resigned as head of equities at UBS in May 2010. However, his own LinkedIn profile suggests he was kept on as CEO of emerging markets until April 2012. Bouhara now describes himself simply as an 'investment banking professional' in the UAE, from which we deduce that he's not working for anyone else.

4. John Hughes

Who is he? Hughes was the senior trader with Adoboli on the ETF desk. He said that he 'loved and loathed Adoboli in equal measure.'

Where is now? Hughes has left finance and set up a football betting firm.

5. John DiBacco

Who is he? DiBacco was the New York based head of Delta One trading at UBS at Adoboli's supervisor.

Where is he now? We don't know. UBS was DiBacco's life. He spent 14 years with the firm and left last year.

6. Darren Bailey

Who is he? A cash equities trader who asked Kweku if he'd 'used the slush account.'

Where is he now? Still at UBS.

7. Johannes Zuidmeer 

Who is he? A contract product controller who was working at UBS after previous stints at Amplify Trading and Morgan Stanley. Adoboli told Zuidmeer he had made a "cosmetic adjustment" to a booking and Zuidmeer didn't appear to challenge him.

Where is he now? We don't know exactly, but he's still working as a product controller at an investment bank in the City.

8. Ron Greenidge

Who is he? Former line manager of Adoboli who almost fainted when giving evidence.

Where is he now? We don't know, but the FSA register suggests that he hasn't worked in financial services in the City since leaving UBS in October 2011.

9. Simon Taylor 

Who is he? A junior ETF trader on the desk with Kweku.

Where is he now? We don't know, but the FSA register also suggests that he hasn't worked in finance in London since leaving UBS in October 2011.

10. Christophe Bertrand

Who is he? Another junior ETF trading on the desk with Adoboli.

Where is he now? Again, we don't know. Again, the FSA register suggests he hasn't worked in finance in the City for more than a year.

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