These are the bankers who are finding new jobs now. These are the bankers who aren't

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It's that time of year. No one's hiring, no one's moving, the days are shorter and the dark threat of additional redundancies before bonuses are paid is casting a dank gloom over imminent Christmas parties. And yet... it turns out that there is a bit of hiring going on and that some people genuinely are leaving their jobs in London and finding new ones elsewhere.

This revelation comes courtesy of IMAS Corporate Finance, which scours the FSA Register for arrivals and departures of FSA Approved Persons on a monthly basis. The Register reveals that some people who left banks in September and October have found new ones. Others haven't. The number finding new jobs varies considerably depending upon which bank people left.

Merrill Lynch International: 15 new jobs for ex-employees

The most successful bankers when it comes to unearthing alternative sources of employment appear to be based at Merrill Lynch International (AKA Bank of America).

Since September, 15 FSA Approved person have left Merrill Lynch/BofA in London and found new jobs elsewhere. They are:

Fabrizio Chiacchiera, gone to Method Investments & Advisory.

Stephen Davies, gone to Prime Asset Custody Transfers.

Michael Gough, gone to Nomura.

Damien Haffner, gone to HSBC.

Karl Lim, gone to HSBC.

Peter Lockhead, gone to Avenue Management.

James Lucas, gone to Goldman Sachs.

Jurgen Magg, gone to Goldman Sachs.

Justin Mead, gone to RBS.

Yulia Mitryaeva, gone to Citibank.

Samuel Oiknine, gone to UBS.

Damon Reynolds, gone to RBS.

Alexis de Rosnay, gone to Canaccord Genuity.

Ryan Shestak, gone to Citadel.

Stephen Wallace, gone to HSBC.

Goldman Sachs: 10 new jobs for ex-employees

10 people have left Goldman Sachs International and found new FSA Approved roles since September.

Notably, Goldman's ex-employees seem to have a higher tendency to move to hedge funds.

People re-employed since leaving Goldman in September are:

Shaun Barlow, gone to JPMorgan.

Emmanuel Bresson, gone to Highbridge Principal Strategies.

Thomas Campbell, gone to Longview Partners.

Michael Foster, gone to Credit Suisse.

Erik Dietmar, gone to GLG.

Maia Mathieson, gone to Macquarie.

Vishal Narendra, gone to Davide Leone and Partners Investment Company.

Christian Reinecke, gone to Ako Capital.

Mark Richardson, gone to UBS.

Alan Sharkey, gone to Angelo Gordon Europe.

JPMorgan: 6 new jobs for ex-employees

Since September, 6 people have left JPMorgan in London and found new FSA Approved roles elsewhere.

They are:

Charles Atkinson, gone to Nomura.

Nico Dil, gone to Citadel.

Bernard Donges, gone to Merrill Lynch.

Takashi Makita, gone to BlueCrest Capital.

Paul Measday, gone to Ashmore Investment Management.

Matthew Reader, gone to Nomura.

Morgan Stanley: 3 new jobs for ex-employees:

Only 3 of the people who've left Morgan Stanley in London since September have found alternative FSA Approved roles at other firms.

They are:

Olivier Mette, gone to Venn Partners.

Hilmar Schlenzka, gone to Credit Suisse.

Jonathan Woodings, gone to Citibank.

SocGen: 3 new jobs for ex-employees:

3 of the people who've left SocGen in London since September have found alternative FSA Approved roles at other firms.

They are:

Senthooran Ananthasayanan, gone to Barclays.

Xi Chen, gone to Barclays.

Socratis Tapeinos, gone to Deutsche.

UBS: 2 new jobs for ex-employees:

Only 2 of the people who've left UBS since September have found new FSA Approved jobs since.

They are:

Alejandro Bonano, gone to Commerzbank.

Marcel Mascal, gone to Credit Agricole.

Nomura: 2 new jobs for ex-employees:

James Morley has gone to CQS.

Kejun Yu has gone to Barclays.

Credit Suisse: 2 new jobs for ex-employees:

Hendrik Vaasta has gone to Goldman Sachs.

Daniel Vogel hsa gone to Goldman Sachs.

Barclays Capital: 2 new jobs for ex-employees:

Andrei Wagner has gone to Credit Suisse.

Christopher Lodge has gone to NC Advisory LLP.

Citigroup Global Markets: 1 new job for an ex-employee:

Thomas Stoddart has gone to Lloyds.

BNP Paribas: 0 new jobs for ex-employees 

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