Late Lunchtime Links: Best European MBA schools if you want to increase your pay

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The Financial Times has released its list of top MBA schools globally. Harvard, Stanford and Wharton are in positions one, two and three. Fourth is London Business School, sixth is INSEAD in Paris and seventh is IESE in Madrid. European schools are outclassed by their US rivals.

If you're nevertheless determined to study an MBA in Europe and you intend to go into investment banking, London Business School (LBS) may be your best bet. Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Citi, Barclays Capital and JPMorgan all hire from there and the Financial Times' ranking reveals that the average LBS MBA achieves a pay increase of 124% (to an average of $161k) in the years after graduating. On the other hand, an IESE MBA will increase your pay by an average of 140% after graduation. And an INSEAD MBA will increase your pay by a mere 96%.

The best MBAs for achieving a massive pay increase are to be found in Asia, and China in particular. MBA students at Peking University Guanghua achieved a 163% increase in their post-MBA pay. However, even after the increase Peking MBA graduates are paid only $77k on average.


Lloyd Blankfein defends Goldman’s contemplation of delaying UK bonuses to benefit from lower taxes. (Telegraph)

The head of Asia Pac insurance at Barclays has become the latest person to leave the bank. (Bloomberg) 

Jeremy Norris, head of sales trading at Barclays in Asia, is leaving the bank. (Bloomberg)

Brian Moynihan says cleaning up Bank of America has been like scaling a mountain with a 250 pound pack. (Bloomberg) 

Michel Barnier has turned out to be quite amenable towards the City. (WSJ) 

Jürgen Heraeus, chairman of Heraeus Holding, which deals in precious metals, said: “We put a cap on every trader’s pay, and we trade $20 billion of precious metals a year.” (Economist) 

Merciless self-examination is the key to success. (Farnam Street)

Performance management systems found to be a form of mental torture. (Herald Scotland) 

You’re unlikely to die at work if you work in an investment bank. (The Atlantic) 


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