Late Lunchtime Links: Obese Goldman banker quits the industry; Deutsche considers raising salaries

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As we reported a few months ago, banking is bad for you. It makes you fat. It makes you stressed. It makes your hair fall out. It can lead to drug addiction. Now, it seems that one fat banker has decided to do something about it.

Reuters reports that Kishan Shah, a 26 year old analyst in the Special Situations Group at Goldman Sachs who reached a weight of 400 pounds (29 stone) and attained a waist measuring 62 inches, is quitting banking and becoming a zealous promoter of gym use and general fitness. Shah now weighs 195 pounds and is setting up a US-based chain of gyms for overweight bankers people, said Reuters. He exercises every day and wears a bracelet that buzzes if he's sedentary for more than 30 minutes. Fortunately, Shah will be spared the buzzing that would almost certainly result from long, sedentary days at Goldman - although in fairness he seems to have had a weight problem before he joined: Reuters said Shah was 200 pounds by the time he was 10 years old.

Separately, salaries may be increasing at Deutsche Bank. Reuters also quotes Juergen Hambrecht, head of Deutsche's independent pay review committee, who says the bank is considering hiking salaries as one option in response to the European bonus cap.


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