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Following the recent Dartmouth Partners salary and bonus survey for junior M&A bankers in the City of London, a similar study has come out on Wall Street banker pay. Published on Forbes, Wall Street Oasis's pay survey is not as detailed as Dartmouth's survey - it doesn't show pay on a bank- by- bank basis. But it does show pay for US financial services professionals working in investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity.

We've published the salient figures below. The data is based upon 2,300 responses. Interestingly, even summer interns seem to get bonuses at US private equity firms.

Investment banking: average total base pay (+bonus)

Summer interns/associate: $71,300 (+$9,400)

First year analyst: $85,300 (+$28,700)

Third year analyst: $111,400 (+$51,600)

First year associate: $120,000 (+$39,900)

Third year associate: $149,000 ($60,700)

Vice President: $255,700 (+$116,800)

Managing Director: $273,400 (+$135,600)

Hedge funds: average total base pay (+bonus)

Summer interns: $58,000 (+$3,100)

First year analyst: $67,000 (+$21,000)

Senior analyst: $82,100 (+$21,100)

First year associate: $71,500 (+$33,000)

Senior associate: $99,200 ($36,200)

Vice President: $140,000 (+$100,700)

Principal: $145,600 (+$157,500)

Private equity:average total base pay (+bonus)

Summer interns: $37,800 (+$800)

First year analyst: $68,200 (+$48,100)

First year associate: $86,500 (+$67,000)

Senior associate: $116,700 ($80,200)

Vice President: $150,400 (+$121,300)

Principal: $225,000 (+$135,000)

Separately, if you want a fixed income sales job in London, you may want to try Mizuho. Bloomberg reports that the Japanese bank has Nicholas Pourcelet as head of fixed income sales. Pourcelet was once Lehman's country head for France before founding a boutique, Rosenquist Capital. In joining Mizuho, he seems to have decided he's better off at a big bank.


In paying Carsten Kengeter no bonus at all for 2012, UBS reveals it can be just as ruthless with senior staff as with juniors let go before bonus time. (Financial News) 

Orcel holds the most unvested share awards of any member of UBS’s executive board. (Washington Post)  

Bank of America has got a new head of M&A in Australia. (Bloomberg) 

Senior employees of Investec Asset Management are buying a 15% stake in the business. (Bloomberg) 

Lloyds has now made 8,550 people redundant. (Telegraph) 

Prudential Insurance is growing unfeasibly fast in Asia. (Guardian)

Brian Leach, head of risk at Citigroup, would like derivatives to move to exchange trading. “I think I’m the lone voice,” he said. (Financial Times) 

Citigroup and Wells Fargo are broadening the conditions under which they will clawback bonuses. (WSJ) 

Macquarie’s hired an ex-Morgan Stanley MD as a financial sponsors banker in New York. (WSJ)

JPMorgan and Bank of America could be compelled to shrink their US commercial lending businesses by 50%. (Bloomberg) 

Goldman Sachs had a big turnaround in Asia last year. (Financial Times) 

Could gold and silver price manipulation be the next Libor scandal? (Guardian)  

What are some good one-liners to put on a t-shirt about quantitative finance? (Quora) 

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