Late Lunchtime Links: Controversial ex-Goldman Sachs banker proves popular with 20-somethings

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Remember Fabrice Tourre, the 34 year old (ex-) Goldman Sachs banker at the centre of Goldman Sachs'  Abacus regulatory scandal? A Wall Street Journal reporter has seemingly door-stepped Fabrice in his new gig as a graduate student at the University of Chicago and has found out what he's doing now.

Tourre only granted the reporter 'a brief interview as he limped along on crutches in a wood-paneled academic building,' but the Journal spoke to Tourre's new friends and seemingly peered through a window to a room in which Tourre was seen 'dutifully fulfilling his teaching assistant role, staying after a professor's lecture to work one-on-one with a student, hunched over notebooks and gesticulating energetically.'

For young students at Chicago, it seems that Tourre is 'just one of the guys.' He was captain of a successful Chicago university soccer team until suffering the Achilles tendon injury which confined him to crutches. Tourre is helpful, chatty and outspoken in academic discussions, said his fellow students. The Wall Street Journal also discovered that Tourre lives in a pleasant high-rise building overlooking Lake Michigan and Chicago's stately Field Museum, despite being dismissed from Goldman in late 2011. He was said to earn $2m at Goldman back in 2007.


Ex-banker becomes chairman of the Football League. (Premier League) 

There are 12 people working at UKFI, which has a total budget of £3m. (Financial Times) 

Commerzbank has a new head of M&A. (Bloomberg) 

Kai Tschoeke, Morgan Stanley's chief of German and Austrian mergers and acquisitions, is leaving the New York-based bank after more than 20 years. (Bloomberg) 

Citigroup is expanding its commodities business and has hired two metals traders from UBS. (Reuters)

Citigroup has hired Deutsche Bank's Ben Story to lead its UK investment banking and broking business. (Financial News)

Barclays investor Joan Woolard, told the bank's directors that anyone who needed more than £1m to live on was "just a greedy bastard."  (Guardian) 

Only 5.3% of investors opposed Barclays’ new pay report. (Bloomberg) 

Bankers who behave recklessly would be jailed under a new law being considered by MPs and peers on the banking commission, whose final report is due next month. (Financial Times) 

"The contribution Bob Diamond made to this bank was immense," said David Walker. (Guardian) 

Two out of the three hedge funds that Renaissance Technologies makes accessible to outsiders have suffered big losses this year. (Wall Street Journal) 

In first-quarter earnings announcements this month, Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley revealed that they have slashed more than 31,000 jobs. (Reuters) 

Banker's househusband fights back. (HereisTheCity) 

Sallie Krawcheck: 10 things I learned from getting fired. (

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