Morning Coffee: Hedge fund in 25 acre mansion outside London is most enormous payer

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Where the multi-millionaire hedge fund traders lurk

Where the multi-millionaire hedge fund traders work

Where would you rather work? Deep in the urban quagmire of the City of London or Canary Wharf, or in a leafy suburb on a 25 acre estate surrounding a mansion with a swimming pool and its own private bar? Equally, would you rather work for an investment bank governed by European Union bonus requirements, or a flamboyant hedge fund that's free to pay whatever it wants?

If the answer is the 25 acre estate and the free-paying flamboyant hedge fund, you should be working for Tudor Capital in Europe.

We've written about Tudor Capital's ostentatious European office before. Two years ago, Tudor Capital (Europe) was paying an average of £630k a head whilst treating its employees to the onsite pool, bar and tennis court at its office in deepest Epsom. Things have got even better still. Yesterday, Financial News reported that pay per head at Tudor Capital Europe averaged £3.3m for its 21 'members' (partners) in the year ending March 2013, with the highest earning individual taking home £27m (thereby reducing the average for everyone else). If you want to get in with Tudor Capital Europe, you can contact them here or even here. Tudor Capital employs 21 partners in Europe, but the FCA Register shows that it has around 50 registered staff in total.


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