Morning Coffee: Banks left looking like deeply inadequate, conventional places to work

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1970s office block

Banking offices left looking a little outdated

If you haven't heard already, Jefferies' London office has a swimming pool!! It also has a sauna!! Macquarie gives beer on Friday. Goldman has a wellness area that offers massages and all that good stuff.

This, however, is nothing - nothing - compared to what is coming at the new Google building at King's Cross, for which approval has just been granted. The new Google building at King's Cross makes banks' best efforts look a 1970s tower block with beige blinds hanging in vertical strips in the windows.

Firstly, Google's new place will have a running track on the roof. Secondly, it will have a climbing wall between floors. Thirdly, it will dispense with bankers' carbon-oriented partiality for car parking spaces and will provide a 2,000 square foot area for bike parking. And yes, there will be a swimming pool. And yes, it will be in a high tower (taller than the shard) for those who like their places of work a little priapic. Google precedent suggests there might be a bowling alley somewhere in the mix also.

Construction of the new building is due to begin imminently and will finish in 2016. Hipster bankers have two years to make the move into the technology sector.


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