Morning Coffee: J.P. Morgan hiring 5,000; obsessive Frenchman escapes slum for 24 hour days at Goldman

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It's becoming a thing. Once every few months J.P. Morgan does an interview where it boasts how many control staff it's hiring. The latest in this genre is with the Wall Street Journal, which reports today that J.P. Morgan will be spending $4bn on an extra 5,000 control staff this year. 3,000 will work on 'legal and regulatory matters,' the other 2,000 will be situated inside business units. The WSJ says J.P. Morgan now has 15,000 control staff, up from 8,000 this time last year. "This is a huge investment of people, time and money…but it will make us stronger in the long run," said Jamie Dimon.

Separately, the Evening Standard has conducted an interview with Xavier Rolet, chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, who grew up in a Paris 'slum' with running water and electricity but no central heating. By selling mortgages for second homes on the Med, Rolet managed to send himself to Columbia Business School from which he went to work at Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, he reportedly worked almost 24 hour days five days a week. At some point he got into off-road racing and ended up doing the Paris Dakar - the pinnacle of the off-road calendar.

Rolet's friend, Michel Brogard, said Rolet is "absolutely single-minded," and has always set himself goals of 3-5 years which he always achieves.

In 2009 Rolet became chief executive of the LSE. He now he has his own vineyard in the South of France. Rolet says other young people from deprived backgrounds should want to do the same: "When you grow up in that environment, you don’t have a sense that those opportunities are about you...It’s about saying to these kids, ‘Hey, you! You should have a shot.’


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