Morning Coffee: JPMorgan has already decided its bonuses, and....Abnormally upper class banker invites you to hedonistic parties

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When not playing polo

When not playing polo...

If you work at JPMorgan and were hoping you'd have a few more weeks to impress your boss before your bonus is determined, then bad luck: according to Reuters, the bank "largely set" its bonuses this week. If you work at JPMorgan and were hoping for a far larger bonus than last year, then bad luck again: Reuters reports that this year's JPMorgan bonuses will be "roughly flat" compared to last year's on a per person basis and that they will probably lag the market.

The reason for JPMorgan's bonus modesty is self-evident: the bank is paying a $13bn fine for misdemeanours past. 'Unexpected changes' [more fines] in the final six weeks of the year could lead to the bank's bonus pool diminishing further, Reuters says.

Separately, the Evening Standard has unearthed a contender for the most upper class banker in the world. Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe went to prep school with Prince William, studied at Harrow and is a descendant of the Gough Calthorpe family which once owned a lot of land around Birmingham.

Today, it seems that the Gough-Calthorpes must work, and Jacobi is employed at Forbes Private Client Group, where he's toiled since March 2012. However, he also has a little side venture in the form of a club night called 'Housekeeping' at Koko in North London. The Evening Standard reported that Jacobi was selling tickets for this weekend's 'hedonistic' Housekeeping evening for £500 per person. Further investigation by us reveals they're a mere £22.50, however.


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