Morning Coffee: Hedge fund known for hiring bank traders has worst year ever. Conversational topics for a hedge fund soiree

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What to discuss over hedge fund canapés

If you lost your job as a proprietary trader in an investment bank this year, Bluecrest was the place to go for rehabilitation. Over the past 12 months, the London-based hedge fund has hired traders from Nomura, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. It has also picked up traders from rival hedge funds SAC and Brevan Howard.

So far, this hiring has not paid off. The Wall Street Journal reports that 2013 is turning into one of the worst years ever for Bluecrest. Its $16bn key fund, BlueTrend, run by Brazilian-born Leda Braga, is down around 10%. Another fund, BlueCrest Capital International, run by founder Michael Platt, is flat. Investors are reportedly getting restless. One, Persimmon Capital Management LP, says it's pulling its investment in BlueTrend, which has simply become too large.

Separately, CityAm's diarist has attended a London hedge fund brunch. Conversational topics therein were reportedly very varied. They included: 'Xstrata’s Mick Davies’ new venture – flop or fly? 2. The similarities between hedge fund managers and psychopaths. 3. The fact that Wills and Kate’s wedding has made it impossible to get a table at the Goring...'


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