Career Crunch: What job a CFA will achieve, where bankers would dearly love to work

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The jobs you’ll most likely get with CFA qualifications. And the companies you’ll most likely work for

Asset management, equities or investment banking? And which firms will hire you? All you need to know about how the CFA will help your career.

A ranking of the top 20 ‘ideal’ financial services employers

Given the choice, which financial services organisation would you like to work for? Here’s the top 20, based on a survey of nearly 9,000 financial services professionals.

Five things I think I’ve learned from living across from a bank

Bankers don’t really all burn the midnight oil and live on a diet of pizza. Interns are, not surprisingly, very image-conscious.

One twin goes into banking, one doesn’t. What happens to their health?

If bankers can’t find the time to exercise, expect the inevitable weight gain and premature aging to happen.

Jefferies hires senior bankers who have been out of the market for two years

The expanding U.S. investment bank has hired front office staff who have spent the past two years out of the industry.

A banking intern’s guide to pulling all-nighters

Looking dishevelled can actually aid your internship, so don’t bring in a spare shirt and suit if you’re planning an all-nighter. And other tips for impressing your superiors.

The Asian banking careers in which you are bound to be overworked

Or how to avoid redundancy in the front office, and offshoring in the back office.

Further eruption of post-bonus departures at Nomura in London

Nomura is reported to have paid poor bonuses this year, and both senior and junior bankers alike are on their way out.

More senior bankers head for the exit at Barclays’ London operation

Barclays is laying off thousands of bankers globally, and the exodus from its UK operation has begun.

Eight of the hottest fintech start-ups in London

London is awash with technology start-ups; a sector tipped to create 46,000 jobs over the next ten years. Here are the new fintech companies to keep an eye on.

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