Where can you work in IT and earn £175k?

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In theory, you can quit banking and join Facebook (or Google, or eBay, or Snapchat) and earn a lot more money. This only really applies if you're the sort of programmer who codes in his/her dreams, but still the myth persists: banking is supposedly no longer top of the pay pyramid.


New figures from the ever-productive Emolument.com, the banking pay benchmarking company, suggest everything you thought was true about pay for technologists is false. Banks pay their IT people more than technology firms do. On average, Deutsche Bank pays nearly 50% more than Google. Senior IT staff at Credit Suisse are on £162k ($242k). At Google they get a mere $179k. Who knew?

Top-paying technology firms vs top-paying banks: 

Technology pay

Source: Emolument

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